Pandora’Z Box RecordZ

Pandora’Z Box RecordZ, the new and upcoming record music label and video recording company. We seek out young, fresh, new, untapped talent and bring it to the forefront of the music industry today. We find the hidden gems and bring them to the light! For us here at Pandora’Z Box RecordZ age is just a number. We discover that young blood hidden, buried, deep down inside and bring it roaring like a lion out of our artists of all ages!

Here at Pandora’Z Box RecordZ we bring the heat, the fire, the hunger, the desire to get you, yes you young blood, to the top!! We ain’t never gonna stop. Don’t underestimate what’s hidden beneath the surface. It’s a Pandora’Z Box world out there, WE ARE YOUR KEY to bust that career wide open!

Based in the USA. Pandora’Z Box RecordZ is seeking artists from around the world in all genres of music. Artists must be able to travel on their own terms to work with Pandora’Z Box RecordZ in the USA. We have locations on the East and West coast as well as in the middle of the country. We are hungry to hear from you! Reach out today, the world is yourz for the taking!

Current featured artists of Pandora’Z Box RecordZ
Jessica C.

For more information please contact Jessica C

at or call 603-361-0091

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